A Look at Presidential Dental Health

PresidentialPodium It’s Presidential Primary Season, and many people are going to watch the upcoming debates. Dr Richard C Lage  can’t help but wonder about the teeth of presidents in American history. President Thomas Jefferson was known for taking meticulous care of his teeth, and being proud of the fact that he never lost one. Other presidents were not so lucky.

Denture Wearers

Our first official leader, President George Washington began losing his teeth when he was only 22 and is famous for many reasons, including having worn dentures. Many people have heard that he sported wooden dentures, but this is a myth. President Washington’s lavish faux teeth were actually made from the finest possible materials at the time – ivory and gold. President John Adams was next in line as our second president. A bit stubborn about his dental care, President Adams bucked against dental advice and ended up with full tooth loss due to his refusal to implement oral hygiene and dental visits. He chose not to wear dentures resulting in a lisp when he spoke.

Jaw Issues in the White House

President Abraham Lincoln remains one of the most popular and influential presidents in history. Unfortunately, he had some bad dental luck. A terrible extraction left him with a painful broken jaw and a deep seated dental fear. When dental sedation practices began to evolve, President Lincoln started going back to the dentist. He wasn’t the only president with jaw trouble, however. President William Howard Taft and President Ronald Reagan were each believed to have TMJ issues, though both of them reportedly responded well to treatment.

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